To nozzle or not when blow drying is the question of the day! If you’re sitting there asking yourself what a nozzle is, then here’s hoping you air dry your hair! 😂

Most dryers these days have a narrow ended attachment for the dryer that helps air flow be more directed toward the area of the head you are trying to dry. When drying without a nozzle, air is not directed to any one specific section of hair and can cause the cuticle layer of the hair to be rough which can make the hair seem dull and lackluster.  Utilizing the nozzle attachment of your blow dryer (and the proper tool- vent brush, round brush, paddle brush) can lead to very smooth, silky and shiny hairstyles.

Always ask your stylist for help learning new styles for your hair! Sometimes it’s as easy as being shown the proper way to hold a dryer and can lead to all the difference in the world obtaining those sleek locks you so desire!

Hope this Sunday Share has been helpful!  Have a wonderful day!

❤️Your Hot Heads Team