Everyone believed the glam gray/silver was a quick fad that would be over in a few months. This is not the case. We are into well over a year of dousing heads with silvery grays! Apparently this trend, and many versions of it, are here to stay and play for a while.

Is this a style for you? Something you've wanted but are scared to do or don't know the process or cost involved? We're here to help!

There are a lot of things to consider before heading your hair in the silvery way....

What is on your hair now? Box color? Salon color? Henna? How dark are you currently? All of these things are very serious considerations and things that must be spoken of with your stylist ahead of time. Most likely if you are darker than a level 7 (dark blonde/light ashy brown), your end result will not be achieved in one session with your stylist. If you have Henna on your hair, this will not be a process for you. If you are a level 7 or lighter... It will still be a process, but possibly not as intense of one! Remember to be honest with your stylist about what's on your hair, what medications you're on and things like that. It all comes in to play when deciding if this journey is for you and your hair.

What is the integrity of your hair now? If it's porous, you may need to start on an integrity program to restore the health of your hair before proceeding in the direction of silver. At Hot Heads, the integrity of your hair is our main priority. We are not big fans of watching hair snap off at the shampoo bowl due to over processing. Your stylist should consult with you about the health of your hair throughout your entire hair journey.

As much as stylists, in general, would love you to tell you that we'll get you silver and it'll be wonderful and lovely and last forever.... That is not Truth. The facts are that silver is high maintenance hair- something to be attempted by only the most dedicated person willing to see your stylist every 3 to 4 weeks for maintenance. Silver/Gray is not a permanent color. It's a toner/demi-color used over the palest of blondes to help achieve the glam of silver. It can last a few weeks, or less dependent on several things.(how often shampooed, the environment, integrity of hair...etc).

Now on to the serious discussion of time and cost. We've watched many a hard eye roll, and heard the greatest of sighs at the cost of the silver lock sensation that's all over the internet. Hope you have a budget for this my friends, because no matter the salon you head to, it's not a process for the frugle of wallet. In most cases, it will take 1 to 2 sessions with your stylist (sometimes 3, and take home treatments are a must!), with each session running anywhere from $180 to $250 and that's without a haircut. The picture below is one of many Pinterest pics brought to us weekly by clients... Sadly, most Instagram and Pinterest pics don't let the client know how long this journey has taken to achieve or the cost involved and can sometimes lead to unrealistic expectations. ☹️

Breathe. Please breathe. We know! But... What most clients don't understand and need to know... These are not 2 hour sessions.... You will be at the salon from 3 to 6 hours each time. (Pack a lunch!) Your stylist will use about $80 just on product alone to start this silver journey you're so determined to achieve. At Hot Heads, we truly do all we can to keep cost reasonable, but some trends make that an imposibilty.

We hope that our Sunday Share has been informative and please know, if you have any questions about this hair trend, or any other, please feel free to message us on Facebook, or call the salon. 330-748-4729

Have a beautiful, wonderful Sunday!

💗 Your Hot Heads Team